Whatever you have said was right, always right.

- Regards
  Pratik Chowdhury

The subject atrology always interested me, but Nirmal Sastri's predictions mesmerised me... his connect wth the future is amazing!!!! A fantastic guide of time and days yet to come.

- Radhika

Nirmal Sastriji has unparalleled knowledge in astrological sciences and clairvoyant in matters of predicting the future.
I find myself fortunate in having known and benefited from his guidance and counsel. I can recommend his services with utmost confidence.

- Sumanta Mukherjee
  Secretary General

I have derived benefits from the profound knowledge of Sri Nirmal Sastri in matters of future predictions. He is adroit in giving counsel for future course of action. His expertise in performing rituals and pujas to alleviate malefic effects of adverse planetary conditions has salutary effects. I whole- heartedly recommend his services.

- Padma Bhusan Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta

Your Horoscope is nothing but "Absolute Truth".

- Someshwar Sen

You are someone religious to the true meaning of my life.

- Samaresh Majhi

A personality of immense Astrological power and a great predictor.

- Amitava Mitra

A prescient devout, whose reverential foretelling seems to be a conundrum.

- Jayesh Nath

Shri Nirmal Coomar Sastri
I will like to thank you for your selfless support and accurate astrological guidance that I got all through these years. Which helped me to build in my carier as well as a harmonious life .
I hope.... you reach as many people possible, so that they can take benefits by the recommadations to move on the right path out to a better and successful life.
Wish you all the very best in life.

- Thanks & regards,
  Prasant A Samadhar
  Singer & Music Director-Mumbai

Shri Nirmal Coomar Sastri
You have been a great help in showing me the right direction when my life had taken a turn for the worst. Your motivation and guidance has helped me solve many of my problems and talking to you and getting your positive directions has removed many of my confusions about life and its purpose.
No one's life is perfect but thanks to your predictions and simple remedial measures like doing good deeds and praying, I have gained the courage to meet every obstacle in life head on.
Words are too less to express my feelings and gratitude correctly. I thanks god for sending such a human being to this world and thank you for everything you have done for me. May your blessings be there with me and my family, forever.

- Dr Angshuman Goswami
  Senior Eye Surgeon and Consultant
  Max Hospital, Noida

Young Astrologer Shri Nirmal Coomar Sastri
Dear young Astrologer
Your flawless prediction of the future is truly stupefying like magic. Your absolute analysis of the 'Horoscope' is truly mesmerizing. In the faculty of foretelling, your earnest diligence is specially worthy of praise.
Your endless endeavour has open the doorways of up gradation of many lives like me, which flabbergasts me even to think of.
Though you are a youth, yet your kudos and excellence in prophesy is equivalent to the stalwarts.
Your future prediction along with the remedy have acted miraculously light conjuring tricks in my life of magic.
So, I sincerely pray to the almighty so that your merit and brilliance make spread to the far and far and --- far off.

- Thanking you,
  Yours enthusiastic devotee
  Pradeep Sarcar